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Sick for St. Paddy

Well this weekend was supposed to be a weekend of Pints and Green everywhere….


well there were no pints but there was green everywhere… just not the good kind.


Ended up spending St. Paddys day in the hospital in Galway. :( had a really bad fever and some other scary things going on.

Apparently i was sick from the water i drank from the tap in Budapest

NOTE TO ALL OTHER TRAVELERS!! ask about the local tap water before you drink it… water contamination sickness is NOT FUN!


but after some killer pain meds and a really handsome dr…. wink wink…. i did make it to the parade.


Back in Limerick now, recovering and taking it easy.

Will update soon :)




Haiku of the day:


There wasnt a pint

but some pretty good pain meds

id say its success



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