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Please, let me go back to Italy

Wayyyyyy too much happened this week to even begin to tell you everything!

So here are the highlights.

Sights: Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace.

Best Food: Fish and Chips (delicious classic)

Best Part: Went to the Globe Theater and was GIVEN three tickets to see the end of Romeo and Juliet IN THE FREAKING GLOBE THEATER. i thought i was going to pass out.


Venice Italy

Sights: Uhhh Venice… all of Venice… gorgeous, absolutely stunning!

Best Food: Gelato… how have i gone 21 years without it i have no idea.

Best Part: Ditching our hostel and splurging for a hotel room right on the water… amazing


Rome Italy

Sights: The Colosseum, Trevy Fountain,  Vatican City.

Best Food: Pizza… nom!

Best Part: Watching the pope give his first Good Friday service outside the colosseum.


Pisa Italy

Sights: Leaning tower of Pisa, a really cool church i forget the name of…

Best Food: Gnocchi! So freaking delicious

Best Part: Drinking with a few Italian boys we met… none of which spoke english. Interesting.


I never wanted to leave Italy. I cant wait to go back!


Haiku of the day:


felt like i was home

Italy you have amazed

someone take me back


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