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Irish Farm Day

Had such a cool day today.

Woke up and went to the Milk Market which is a Limerick staple here. The food was so good and we found this cool little shop where this man was selling good will stuff from texas… very small target market but it was a good craic.

Then, after having our fill there i got to go to a friends farm! A real authentic irish farm, dairy farm to be exact. I got to pet calves and pet a bull and went to a castle that s just… there, like all over Ireland there are just abandoned castles like that kids play in and stuff… we played princess and dragons on a jungle gym or playground… these kids had real castles… jealousy.

Then we went to a town close to his house called Adare which was very quaint and went into a church there where my friend decided that the best  thing he could think of to write in the guestbook was “this church smells good” brilliant man (?)

After that we headed back to his house and ate the best flippin lasagna i have ever had the pleasure of shoveling into my face. I have already asked for the recipe… its a no go. I dont even blame her :) And because my friend (Niall by the way is his name) has shared his favorite home cooked meal with me i am apparently forever indebted to him. Yeah, okay…

We watched some TV, hung out with his family and talked about America and Ireland and drank tea and it couldnt have been more perfect. One of the more relaxing days since ive been here and really helped me with some of the homesickness i was feeling.

But, after that wonderful evening Niall went ahead and popped his tire. Naturally being the great supporters me and Erica are we cheered him on as he changed it on the side of the road… i think we helped a lot!

So yeah, that was my day today. It was absolutely amazing :)


until later xx


Haiku of the day

Cows, Castles and food

who would have thought they went well

i dont want to leave


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