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Skye fall

What a crazy past few weeks it has been! Spring break at the University of Edinburgh commenced two and a half weeks ago, and since then I have been making my way through Europe. Most of spring break consisted of traveling the UK with family and then Florence, Italy with fellow IFSA students. Both were amazing experiences, consisting of excellent site-seeing, hiking, shopping, art, food, and now memories. However, the cherry on top was the last few days spent traveling to the Isle of Skye on the IFSA trip.
While boarding a bus at 7:30 am last Friday was less than enjoyable, it soon proved to be worth it as a red-headed tour guide donning a kilt led us on a ride through the Highlands, sharing history and amusing anecdotes on the way. Our tour guide’s name was Will and he was a fantastic guide; I doubt anyone on our bus will forget the words to “Donald Where’s Your Trousers, ” his favorite Scottish folksong which he played no less than a dozen times throughout the weekend. A real Scottish musical gem that mentions the Isle of Skye, it’s worth a listen:

The lyrics “let the wind blow high let the wind blow low” never rang truer than when we hiked the Old Man of Storr, a beautiful rock formation on the Isle on Saturday afternoon. The steep hike up the desolate, rocky heath was beautiful and engaging, but made significantly more challenging by gale-force winds that afternoon. Upon reaching the summit, the winds were so strong that Will cautioned us to sit down or grab on to the rock for fear of being blown off the cliff. It was a fantastic hike, and enabled me to snap my best Scottish picture yet. IFSA photo contest, watch out!


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