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A Little Over a Month to Go

I won’t be arriving in London till nearly mid September, but for me the adventure is already beginning.
My name’s Lauren Runza, and I’m a History/Politics double major at Rider University in New Jersey. I’ll be spending the Fall at Queen Mary University in London, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe, and the idea of staying there for an extended period of time-even better.
In between shifts waiting on tables, I’ve spent my time studying what I can about British culture… sometimes this entails reading newspapers such as the UK Guardian, other times watching shows such as Doctor Who on BBC’s American channel. One thing that’s particularly caught my interest is the food. Unlike most universities in the US, the one I’ll be attending in London doesn’t have a meal plan. Rather, I’ll be living in a flat (aka apartment) which contains a kitchen, and my roommates and I will have to do all of our own cooking. This means that I’ve been readying myself with a few cheap and simple recipes that I can cook up after classes. At the same time, I can’t wait to to try all that London’s menus have to offer; I grew up in a small town, and rarely get to experience the varieties of flavors that cities have for the adventurous.
Some differences in wording that I came across while researching Britain’s cuisine:
-Dessert is commonly known as ‘pudding’ or ‘afters’.
-Cupcakes are called ‘fairy cakes’.
-Appetizers are ‘starters’.
-Baked potatoes are called ‘jacket potatoes’.


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