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Easter Break in THAILAND!!! Part 5

On our way to Bangkok!

Today we will make our way to Bangkok with the German’s. I am excited for this because we will be traveling in a group of 5!! So relaxing :) Oh, did I mention that everyone we went on our track with spoke amazing English!!!

Now I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight back to Australia. Thinking back to Bangkok… Alright let’s see. We arrived and took a taxi straight away. We were warned about the taxi driver so I definitely said meter, meter, meter!!! Our cab driver was a little much at the moment, he was on his phone the entire time speaking really loud and then tried to charge us an extra 50 baht for being an excellent cab driver, ha I said no! Bangkok has ridiculous traffic jams, that’s probably why most people drive motorbikes! There were motorbikes everywhere, just imagine a sea of motorbikes and your basically in Bangkok!

In the cab…

img_1627 img_1628

Once we arrived at our hostel I was taken back by how nice it was in the middle if this dirty city. It is very modern and the staff was so helpful and nice. That is one thing I learned about myself this trip, helpful, courteous customer service means a lot to me!

img_1630 img_1631 img_1632

Once we settled in all of us girls went to get some food in the HUGE shopping center, there were actually 4 large malls all connected by a bridge type walkway above the street. There was no walking across the streets there, the streets were so crazy with vehicles it would be way dangerous! The street is empty at this moment, but is not a good interpretation of the business, but shows the walkways that are above ground. These were a pain in one way, to get up there you had to walk up so many stairs!! We joked that this is how they all stay so small!


After we ate we walked around in a market that was on the 3rd level of one of the malls. This was fun to see what they had and such but I held back for the REAL market shopping the next day. We said goodbye to the German girls as they left on the train to the islands near Bangkok.


Britt and I decided we wanted to go somewhere nice and fun for dinner. I invited one of the girls in our hostel room if she wanted to go out with us, she had been in there all day! She said yes so she joined us! Her name is Lara and she is from Germany traveling by herself now for 9 months and is only 19!!! This is crazy but she was a n interesting type person so I guess it works for her.

We asked the front desk where they recommended. They steered us to a restaurant and a mango dessert place that looked really close on the map they gave us. Hahahaha I’m laughing now, but trust me we were not laughing then. Being lost in Bangkok is not fun. We could not figure out how the map worked and when we tried to ask for directions nobody spoke English! I can’t blame them but it kinda makes you frustrated when lost in a “dangerous” city and unable to communicate. Anyways after some panic and frustration we found the restaurant! It was full, which was a good sign to us! So we waited a little while and then got in for some delicious chicken wings and an interesting peach salad. Afterwords we went to Mango Kango!!! Most delicious place ever!! All they sell is desserts with mangos! My new favorite fruit! I had mango ice cream with mango and some tasty sauce with it!!! So good! After dessert we decided that were only going to be in Bangkok once so we mind as well go out for drinks now that there was three of us. So we were set on another mission to find the pub we wanted to check out. Well we figured out the map system so we were there in no time! The three of us enjoyed a drink and relaxed :) we even bough some delicious nutsĀ from a man who was selling nuts from a basket! After drinks and nuts we headed back to the hostel and went to bed.

The next morning in Bangkok Britt, Lara and I woke up early and took the tram to the weekend market. This market was huge! There were such a variety of items being sold. From all types of food, including yummy frozen bananas dipped in chocolate with nuts J num to baby clothes and knock off purses. I kind of went a little crazy with my shopping, but everything was so cheap and I wanted to get gifts for family and friends!

After a three and a half hours at the weekend market we had to head back to our hostel to shower and check out. We were able to leave our bags in the hostel until our flight out so we did that and went out for lunch in one of the shopping centers. The shopping centers are so nice and same with the food, so tasty!

We had about 5 hours to kill before heading on the train to the airport so we walked around the mall, got dessert at this really cute dessert restaurant in another one of the malls-so good!

Britt even got a pedicure! I decided to save money or spend it on something else is probably a better way to say it! That is basically all we did in Bangkok, the flight to Singapore went smoothly.


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