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Easter Break in THAILAND!!! Part 6


We arrived in Singapore around midnight so we caught a taxi to our hostel. Sleeping that night felt so good! I do not know why my night rest in Singapore was so good, but it was sound! We woke up for the complementary breakfast, which was actually a full on buffet with beans, spaghetti, turkey sausage, potato wedges, cereals, juice and toast! This was a feast for me! J They even had Milo cereal which I love anything Milo now! It is like a chocolate flavor with some health benefits! Basically a healthier replacement of hot coco. Our day in Singapore was very relaxed.  Britt and I went to Marina Bay and walked around the huge shopping center with all designer brands. I have never been in such an expensive place in my life! Serious, all designer names you can think of were there!

After some window-shopping we went into the building with the ship on top. Just to go to the top and take pictures it cost 20 bucks a person so we decided that it would be worth it to spend 20 bucks on a drink to go up and enjoy the view with a martini, so that is exactly what we did! It was so cool!!! There was an infinity pool right off the edge of the building/ship overlooking the harbor.  I wanted to go in so bad but it was for the hotel guests only. So Britt and I sipped on our martinis and split some grilled skewers as we were in over our heads with jealousy of the hotel guests.

My roommate back in Australia, Verniece is from Singapore and she recommended that we have some of their carrot cake because it is delicious, and boy was she right! Britt and I split a piece and it was gone in seconds. We had time to kill so we walked around the mall some more and then outside by the bay.

After a bit we hopped back on the tram to Little India, where our hostel was located and shared a firestone pizza at this Italian restaurant that was so cute! As soon as we knew it we were on our Qantas flight back to Australia!

We were sad that our adventure was coming to an end…


but then we remembered that we were going back to Australia!!!!!!!


This flight went so well, as all Qantas flights do. After this trip I have realized that I love Qantas airlines. Their service is impeccable and I love having my own screen to choose my personal entertainment. This trip was a good one, full of activity. I feel like we were always doing something or going somewhere. It was good because I can relax all I want here in my new home, the Gold Coast, at the beach. Man does it ever feel good to be home though, time to do laundry and get back on track with school.


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