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I thought it was about time to try some kangaroo in Australia! Sam and I cooked some on the grills outside by the pool. It tasted pretty great actually, once we cooked them a little longer than rare. But the thing is, kangaroo is very red meat so it was hard for us to tell when they were done rare… rare did not taste so great-if it was even rare… :/ haha

img_1747 img_1746

So you may wonder how we get to the grocery store. Well to answer that question we either take the public bus during the day or walk to the nearest grocery store called IGA. This is not the closest walk ever it probably takes at least 25 minutes and carrying all your groceries that long is unrealistic. So what do we do? Well, we just take shopping carts and roll them back to our flats of course!! Its kinda funny seeing a bunch of uni students strolling through neighborhoods and the woods with IGA shopping carts. I will never judge someone again for walking down the street with a shopping cart! Hey, if you don’t have a car you get creative!!!



Also, I thought I would share with you a very productive activity that I did today…

img_1743 img_1742

LAUNDRY!!!! (so proud-its a big job as you can see)




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