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Live Below the Line–Days 2 and 3

Challenge is the right categorization of this experience! Figuring I should vary my approach, I cooked veggies stuffed with rice with the idea that it would be enough for 4 meals. However, I severely underestimated how hungry I would be or how filling zucchini and tomatos are (the too cheapest and commonest veggies at my local market).

It is so interesting to walk around with a different lens over my gaze; typically I screen for what I can and cannot eat regarding gluten, so I am no stranger to seeing food and choosing not to have it (just like most people with¬†allergies, or various¬†vegetarian tendencies). Since after spending $1.50 I’ve still been hungry, walking around Alexandria now entails a simple math calculating how much money I’ll have left if I eat that apple and how hungry will I be in the next period of time…etc This surprisingly occupies a lot of mental time.

I have not felt the need to explain my culinary choices to my fellow IFSA students apart from mentioning it weeks ago when I first heard of the challenge. Warning lights flash with this observation because it would be easy for someone to live in poverty, dancing around our daily lives hungry. Though healthy eating, overeating, and obesity are also issues facing Egypt poverty is one too and it does not only hide under the blankets of Alexandria’s homeless but undoubtedly within the hardworking families suffering under the hard economic times. Not a new revelation but an illustration of the real possibility of poverty’s immediacy and unknown residence.



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