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Weekend in Brizzy

This past weekend Sam, Brittany and I went to Brisbane to visit our IFSA-Butler friends who go to University of Queensland. We took the train up to Brizzy which took about two hours and when we got off the train we had some lovely faces waiting for us! It was so nice to see them again, right from the start I knew this weekend was going to be fun and a nice break from the village (where I live). Once we dropped our stuff off in their apartment, which is very nice, we walked around the town to find something to eat. We ended up going to this mexican restaurant which was so delicious!!! I had yet to have good mexican food in Australia, but man was this place ever good!!! I only had one taco, but was it ever delicious! The rest of the evening was chill, we  just hung out and chatted the night away.

The next morning was Saturday. We woke up, ate breakfast and went to the lagoon. This lagoon is a man made pool that is smack dab in the middle of the city! It was really cool actually. The pool is a sand pool so it felt like I was at the ocean, but with chlorine water. It was a perfect day for sunbathing in the morning, nice temperature and everything. At the lagoon there was a performer who juggled and made horrible jokes. Something else that was refreshing to see was older people and young kids. In surfers paradise there is a very small population of elderly people and small kids bee popping around. Surfers is mainly filled with uni students give or take a few years.

After a couple hours at the lagoon we made our way to the market. This market is only on Saturdays from 12-2pm I believe. It was fun to be in a market again, it reminded me of the market I went to in Bangkok with lots of fresh meat, vegetables, fruit and hand made products. Since I arrived in Brizzy, Nina and I had been talking obsessively about bananas. How they are so expensive here, but how delicious they are… especially frozen with chocolate! So as you know we were at the market and of course they were selling bananas! We got a great deal on 3 kilos of bananas for 4 bucks! They were these little miniature bananas that I don’t remember the name of, so good though! Anyways we had a plan of action right after we bought them! We were going to make our own chocolate covered frozen bananas!! Indeed be bought chocolate chips to melt in the microwave and spread on the mini bananas :) This was quite the fin process and they turned out great!!

Once the banana frenzy was complete and they were in the freezer we were all wiped. Sam and Brittany took naps while Nina, Anna and I chatted it up about the happenings in Massachusetts and life in general. That evening we went out for delicious burgers and had a night out in the valley, an area in Brizzy. We went out that night with a bunch of ISFA-Butler friends, good to reunite and I even met a few guys who grew up near me in Minnesota!

Sunday morning we got some Starbucks and headed back to the village. Overall it was a fun, relaxing weekend that was well worth the trip!


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