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Keas AwAwAwAwA and Fiordland!

Fiordland changed my outlook on natural sights. By far one of the most extraordinary experiences in my lifetime. And it was coupled with a beautiful group of cats that cliqued instantly. These are a couple of sentences to describe my trip to Fiordland and Milford Sound!


The drive was a long one and included getting to know a sweet chick named Amy McFardland from Scotland with a heavy accent and great sense of humour. Also sitting next to who would be others from our group wasn’t too bad either. Much of the reason for the great time that I associate with Fiordland was the combination of personalities on our trip. We all were ready to be rowdy, energetic, and talkative when tramping and in the bus after a long day of tramping. We explored the Homer tunnel in the middle of the night, learned to Twerk, and had plenty of encounters with the pestering keas in the morning. These kea birds were very beautiful in flight but by God, I wish they would shut up when they were on land. Oh and we had the bus for the trip and that meant we had a warm and dry place for the rainy Sunday that followed our tramp up to the cloudy but gorgeous Black Lake and Gertrude Saddle.

Oh and top of that the Bus meant we got to see Milford Sound, what should be the 8th Wonder of the World.


Funny enough, Amy and I got stuck there as the bus headed off and insultingly forgot about us. I mean there were only 10 of us. Come on Jake (Bus Driver and Co-Leader)!


After hanging out there we had a great time on the long drive back with a phenomenal recap of Harlem Shake on the bus that made it to the cyber world and is available here at Youtube!

Before the trip, there was one spontaneous day that I really enjoyed. It was a Wednesday and I had decided to volunteer to help out NZ Blood. Getting to the location early, I was able to not only volunteer but also donate some blood myself. After that I got to talking to the other volunteer that was meant to relieve me of my duties for that day and finding out some cool stories about the states and furthering my inspiration to travel more and live out my twenties in a very different way than the path that so many others are recommending.


Following that meet up, I stopped by a friend’s and saw many others who were visiting Dunedin from Christchurch (Nearby City with other students from orientation) and really looked forward to taking a week off randomly from school myself. In retrospect, all of these events were just preparing me for the wonderful adventures that were to come in the following weeks.


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