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Well this week has been a lot of lasts for me.


I have taken my last class i will ever take as an undergraduate. And probably the last time i will take the stage solo.


Being a dance for 18 years had been mostly because i was in school for it. but now i will have no college dance team to be a part of and will most likely stick to teaching.


The Dance UL showcase was amazing and loads of fun. All of the people in dance UL if you ever read this please know that you all have been incredibly inspiring to me and i think you from the bottom of my heart for being so open hearted and welcoming to ‘the american’ :) i love you all and will remember you for the rest of my life.


Linked below is my final solo if any of you would like to see it :))



’til next time xx


Haiku of the day:


Dance has been my world

But my world is bigger now

oh so bittersweet


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