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Adventure Weekend in Wales: Bring it on!

March 9-11th

The big weekend had finally arrived – IFSA ADVENTURE WEEKEND! IFSA’s biggest trip invites all of the students studying throughout the UK to take (yet another) break from classes – the famous IFSA ADVENTURE WEEKEND!  Destination: Snowdonia, Wales.

So we packed our outdoor gear and headed to London to meet up with the group – this time there were almost 300 of us!  Being their awesome selves, our IFSA staff determined our bus assignments by sorting us into houses…that’s right: Gryfindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and the house I was so weary to be sorted into:  (you guessed it) Slytherin.  They then surprised us with brand new hoodies – I was like a little kid at Disney World. We loaded onto the bus for a long journey to Wales (about 8 hours).  After arriving at our hotel, we put our heads together in a pub quiz (my team was so close to winning but ended up tying for third – not too shabby).  Days like these make me realize how many random facts I don’t know about the world.

We woke up the next morning well rested for our adventures to begin.  Prior to our arrival, we were given the opportunity to pick 2 adventures to participate in. Mine were a high ropes course and a scenic hike through the mountains of Snowdonia.  It was a bit cold, but we had a blast nonetheless. Wales is typically known for two things: rain and sheep.  But there’s a bit more to it.  The landscape in Wales is gorgeous (check out my pictures if you don’t believe me).  We hiked next to a hill that was made entirely of slate – ridicululous!  After getting a taste of Wales’s outdoor glamour, we cleaned up and that night we had a good old fashioned dance party – IFSA style.

Check out this hilarious video of one of the parts of the ropes course – we did do actual ropes courses (you know, tightroping from what seemed like hundreds of feet in the air), but this part of the park was a bonus – it was a basically a HUGE swing…we knew how high it was, but couldn’t have guessed how FAST that thing went until it was too late…


It’s blurry, but I’m the one in the blue jacket in the middle who had the responsibility of pulling the lever to release the swing – not a good idea to give me that responsibility.

The next day, after a classic group photo of all of us in our spiffy new hoodies, we headed into a small coastal town nearby called Lladudno before packing back onto our buses and heading home.  It was cute, but to be honest it was so cold we were so excited to get back on the bus and head home!  It was so windy we couldn’t even take pictures!  So just picture a cute but modern town with rows of shops and a spot of ocean side.

* Fun Fact:  Welsh street names are ridiculous to prounounce.  We gave up even trying – they literally seem to have no vowels, and almost every city begins with Ll (pronouced CLAH like you are hocking up a loogie – sorry for the graphics).

But we legitimately had the BEST time and I love taking IFSA trips because I feel like a kindergardener on a field trip – they packed our lunches, had candy snacks on the bus, and made sure we had plenty of movies to watch for the ride  to and from home.  Also, this trip marked my very first experience of eating a MARS bar.  Result?  Pure love.

Checking Wales off the list and ready for more adventures to come!

xx Renae


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