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Making a REAL Meal

Sam Britt and I thought it was about time to make a real meal two and half months into our time in Australia. When I say “real” meal, I mean using the oven to cook a meal.  Since we do not have an oven in our flats we have to use the villages communal oven. This kitchen is a nice industrial one so it is at least a spiffy one! We decided to make homemade lasagna garlic bread and cookies… well I added the cookies part :) A funny little excerpt about the lasagna, when lasagna was mentioned I was like ya lets do it! Ill grab it from the freezer section. Both Britt and Sam stopped walking, turned toward me and then looked at each other confused. I said ya know like Stouffers. They both laughed and said no, were making homemade. Apparently they don’t eat Stouffer lasagna like we do in the Thielen household! 😉 making homemade lasagna was fun to do, the girls taught me how to make a simple homemade lasagna and I had a grand ol’ time baking! For those of you who do not know me very well, I love baking! Serious, I love baked goods and it is a sort of a relaxing mechanism for me. That night we ate well!


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