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Wish I would have…

While my friends and I were on the beach stargazing we had some profound thoughts. Ok maybe not so profound, but I would definitely say that we have gained some wisdom since we arrived three months ago. Back to on the beach, we talked about the things we wish we would have done right away when we arrived in Australia.

First off, I wish I would have made a bank account within the first week of being here. Having an Australian bank account is an overall convenience. I just made mine about a week ago (hence to why I wish I would have made it earlier) so I can receive money back on my prescriptions. Incase anyone doesn’t know you need to have a bank account in the country you reside in to get money from your insurance company. Lesson learned by me!

Getting a job immediately would have been the ideal situation. Before I even left America I decided that I was not going to get a job abroad because I wanted to “enjoy my time.” Honestly, I think I would be enjoying my time even more if I had a job because I would be able to travel so much more with the extra money! Plus Australian’s get paid so much more than Americans at everyday jobs. This is because everything in Australia is so expensive.

Along with Australia being so expensive, I wish I would have made a weekly budget and stuck to it! Yes, granted the amount of money spent a week would have been adjusted to the prices here, but it would have been a good visual reference to have. The first month here everything was so new and exciting that a strict budget was not really in mind.

I just bought a comforter, like yesterday and its amazing! I am telling you, when studying abroad buy a real blanket right away… do not try to get by with the blanket you stole off the plane. Last night was the first night I have slept all the way through and I think that it largely has to do with being warm!  Do it and splurge 23 bucks for warmth and comfort.

Something that my friends wish they would have done was lived with all girls. Their places are so gross you cannot even imagine. I mean people have maggots and ants everywhere! That is so gross! Living with girls is just overall nicer because they are generally cleaner, don’t eat food thats not theirs and I would say girls have a little more respect for one another and their boundaries.

Another thing that I wish I would have done before I left for Australia was figure out all my classes for next semester back home. I did figure out classes that I wanted to take but a couple of them didn’t work out so now I have to figure that out when I get back. Its hard to motivate yourself to do things for back home when your living in paradise. Trust me… my motivation for anything besides fun is at about a 1 out of 10.

The NUMBER ONE thing I wish I would have done right when I got here is figured out my mandatory volunteering (from my home university). Like I said motivation is lacking for anything outside the realm of fun. Now I am cramming to find a place that will let me volunteer for 10 times teaching english and it may seem easy, but its not here. There are a lot of trainings and stuff you have to go through just to teach English as a volunteer!! Not like Minnesota thats for sure. Plus you gotta add in figuring out somewhere that you can use public transit to get to, that adds another struggle! Overall, it would have been much easier to figure this out earlier.

I recommend everyone studying abroad to make a list of all the “have to” activities you want to do while abroad and stick to it! Make sure you budget for each of the activities and check them off as you go!

One thing we all agree on is save money for traveling and fun activities, DO NOT spend money going out!!

Anyways, thats our thought process of what we wish we would have done before and right when we got to Australia. You live and you learn right! Until next time, keep living and learning :)


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