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Mid-terms Complete

This week was devoted to the wonderful and relaxing time known as Mid-terms….or examenes parciales. By wonderful and relaxing I mean awful and stressful of course. Thankfully I have officially finished with them and can now reflect back on them for your enjoyment. First off, exams were difficult because the week before was the week that we all went to Cuzco so we missed an entire week of classes right before, which was difficult to make up (lots and lots of readings to do). But some how I did it and still had a social life or at least enough time to relax. Then of course exams week started this past Monday. I was lucky to not have an exam scheduled that day so I devoted it to study for my Peruvian Social Reality course and my sociology course. Tuesday was the exam for Peruvian Social Reality. It went by very smoothly. It’s always nice when your exam is just a couple short essays because there is no need to memorize specific facts, it’s great to know them but you can still write a good essay without them. So I finished up RSP and started studying for Sociology, the class that I am having the most difficulties with.

Wednesday I studied for the soc exam that I had at 4. Went into la PUCP and took the exam. Not sure how well I did. Some of the questions I knew 100% because they pertained to the things that I had studied because I had felt like I didn’t understand them but some of the other questions I was unsure of. Finally I had my exam yesterday for my class Etnicidad, Identidad y Nacion and it was really easy. All in all studying as much as I did really doesn’t feel worth it because the things that I struggled with I don’t feel like I did as great a job on and the things I didn’t study for I did fine with. And that is the end of examenes parciales. Now I have volunteering at CEDED today and then the rest of the weekend to do what ever I wish to do, like call my mom for mother’s day. Excited for a small little break to catch up with people back home. Until next time.


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