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Here we go…

Our two weeks of orientation are over here in Lima.  On Monday we begin classes at PUCP! Thankfully, us foreign students get a week of “shopping” and don’t actually register for classes for a while.  That gives us some time to feel out the course and the professor.  We have been informed how different the system is here in Peru, so I’m nervous to see what its really like. As a Gender & Women’s Studies major, it has been a bit of a challenge to find courses.  I am still working out my schedule, but I hope to have classes only 2 days a week.  Because PUCP is so far away, it seems like making the trek only twice a week will leave me more time to explore and study.

Last night we went on a nighttime tour of Lima.  It was beautiful to see all plazas at night and we went to an amazing park full of fountains.  Some of us even ventured in despite it being a little chilly.  It was a fun way to finish off orientation.

I have been trying to describe the traffic here in Lima, but nothing seems to capture it.  Hopefully some of this video does…

As I have recently been informed that here in Peru it is not “Ciao” but “Chau”…
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