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My debut as a foriegn decoration and introduction to “smart food”

Last night, mamá called and asked me if I would be available at 10:00 a.m.  Unfortunately, the phone somehow makes speaking in Spanish immeasurably harder, and this was the only part of the conversation I actually understood.  But I agreed to the date anyway.  I even jumped in the car this morning without a full understanding of where I was going, though by then I had figured out that it had something to do with an advertisement her friend was somehow involved with.

On the way to the mystery destination, we stopped for breakfast at a taco stand.  Yes, tacos. For breakfast .  (I love Mexico.)  Mamá asked me if I wanted to try some of what she had ordered, which, it being food and me being me, of course I did.  It was a brown, not-quite meat that kind of tasted like ancient cheese mixed with dirt and old meat.  After I asked what it was, I learned I had just tried…PIG BRAINS!   

Feeling a little smarter with the extra brains rolling around in my stomach, I eventually arrived at said mystery destination.  It turned out to be a casting call for a casino commercial, complete with an American production staff that, by the looks of it, had sold out the local Starbucks.  My mom’s friend apparently has a friend who works with a friend who works for a modeling agency, and he had heard that this commercial was in need of “foreign-looking people.”  So there I was, just as foreign as ever, standing in my jeans and sweater amongst models in high heels and hairspray.  I pretended to win at a slot machine a few times, affirmed to the director’s pleasant surprise that I understood English and tried really hard not to laugh.


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  1. Cassie Says:

    Hahaha! I want to see this commercial. Please tell me it is posted on the web somewhere.

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