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I think this is week four, Mendocina style

It seems that Mendoza time is rubbing off on me. I´m starting to feel like I live in this city as my Spanish has been improving drastically and it is easier to communicate. I´m also not losing myself anymore! I´m getting better with the buses and getting to know the streets. I thought I knew the park, but today I walked home from the University with a new friend and we took this long route through the park. I realized the park is about 100 times as big as I thought it was. I also got to see the school that Eva Peron founded which is inside the park.

This weekend was the first long weekend we had for traveling. However, since many of us, including myself, have Fridays free every weekend is now a long weekend where we can travel. For this weekend, I stayed home. Friday, I explored the Museum of Natural History that is in the park about two blocks from my house. Saturday, I had lunch at a friend´s house. She is a tutor for the arts students at the University whom I met when a few of us went to the orientation for the other program by accident, but she´s studying photography like me and the two Colombian girls that are staying in her house are in my photography class. I ended up staying for dinner and tagging along to a cool little bar with them later that night.

Sunday, a friend from IFSA and I took a bus to Las Vegas, a small town in the mountains. We had about three hours there which was sufficient because it was quite freezing. Even with only three hours, it was a beautiful day.

the mountain

la virgin

beautiful view of the mountains

and a little wine

Well, that´s about if for now. Classes all day tomorrow. We´re still technically in shopping period, but we´re in our third week of classes. It was extremely frustrating at first figuring out the whole classes business down here in South America. Even the other exchange students from Latin America said it´s disorganized here! But, we made it. I have a solid schedule with exactly what I was planning on taking here, more or less. Photography = photography, Art History 2 = Modern Art History, and elective = Tango! Then of course we´ve got our Spanish class, and I am taking Desarollo Regional (or Regional Development) so that I can volunteer in the orphanage.

Hasta la proxima vez, que te vayas bien!


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