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Two weeks after Exams

Well, I wish that I had more to tell you about what has been going on for the past two weeks since I completed Mid-Terms but not much has honestly happened besides a lot of movies being watched and a lot of readings being finished. I have made a few Peruvian friends finally in one of my classes, which means that I will steadily get more until I know every Peruvian ever. My oldest host brother is visiting from the US for the summer break and he’s a cool guy. We’re both the same age and both have a lot of the same interests which is really cool. In Lima it has officially become “winter” which just means that it’s grey almost all the time with a lot of fog. It’s kind of depressing to be here now, especially when I know that back home it’s about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Also many of my friends from back home are returning from Study abroad. The weather here really keeps you down and it’s now really easy to get a cold because of the colder air and the amount of moisture in it. I’ve already gotten a cold from just the minimal time it has been “winter”. I’m struggling to believe that it’s almost June already. I almost have a month left here, feels like it flew by. Still a lot of stuff to do also. I have a trip to a town called Carmen coming up, the town is one of the areas with the largest population of Afro-peruano culture so it should be really interesting. After that trip it’s pretty much a straight shot to finals. Which is crazy to think that I’m this close to having finals. Well for today I have my volunteering at CEDED and afterwards I will be calling home to speak to my mother and father. A nice and relaxing day after a long week of classes.


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