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With my university back home I have to complete volunteering hours to fulfill my minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. Unfortunately this volunteering has been a big process! Here in Australia they do not like having short term volunteers at all! I am not kidding! So I decided to volunteer with this particular program that I really liked. I traveled to Brisbane, an hour and a half each way, for over 10 hours of training and everything. Once I told them that I will be going home to the U.S. at the end of June they completely dropped me as a volunteer! I was like what! This is something that I have never experienced in Minnesota. It is just interesting. Anyways, I had a mini break down because I cannot graduate with that minor unless I have tutoring time abroad. My home university advisor was fortunately very understanding and said that it would be ok and that she would accept the training hours I have completed. This was such a relief! Anyways…  now that this little vent session is over heres a pic to give you an idea what it was like to travel to Brisbane at 5:30am on the bus/train! Joys!!!!


Can I just say that I am glad this is over?


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