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News Photography Final

One of my classes this semester is News Photography. We have had multiple assignments throughout the semester, but our final is the sweetest project yet. This project is a character portrait in the studio! This is a legit photography studio people! Take a look

There are no pictures of me taking Sam’s picture but this gives you an idea. One of the girls had her friend who is a pole dancer and ballerina be her subject and the other had the HOT AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC swimmer as hers. This was a lot of fun as you can imagine! Plus its a real studio!! We had to set up the lights and use our photography skills to get the whole set right! This was a fun, but 8 hour long journey! Half way through we took a break and grabbed food from Nando’s. This food was so so good!

We also had a very interesting conversation about tampons. Well lets just say Australians like theirs and Americans like theirs! So many funny conversations with these girls! Sorry to the males out there, but its gotta be said.


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