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The Begininning of the End: The Start of my Last Week in Belfast

Time flys when you’re having fun. It’s something that we all here over and over again, so much so that it loses its power and is relegated to the world of cliches. But sometimes cliches describe a feeling or an experience in a way that nothing else can – such is the case with this particular cliche and my time in Belfast. It is so hard to believe that this is my last week here, my last week with all of my friends, my last week to do all of those things with them that we kept putting off until later because it always seemed like we had so much time.
That being said, time does fly when you’re having fun, but Studying abroad is not always fun – at least not in the way that one usually imagines pure, carefree fun. There are times when you won’t know how to do something that would be simple to take care of back home, or times when your friends back home will tell you the hard things they’re going through in their semesters at home and you’ll just wish you could be there for them. It’s getting through these experiences that help you grow while abroad. I’ve looked back on my semester and realized how much I’ve changed since I’ve left home. I couldn’t be more grateful for these changes and the ways in which studying abroad has helped me grow.
Don’t be scared away by my mention of the hard stuff – being in Northern Ireland has been amazingly fun as well! I’ve traveled to Scotland a few times and seen Edinburgh, the foothills of the highlands, and St. Andrew’s, where the famous university is that Prince Charles and his wife Kate attended. I’ve enjoyed the famous Irish pub culture, having to accept that no matter how long I’m in Belfast I will never be able to go to all of the old historical pubs.
I leave in just two days to begin travelling Europe. I was lucky enough to be able to change my flight at the end and stay for an extra week. I will post about my European adventures and my last week in Belfast when I return!


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