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but… but… what if i don’t want to go

Holy packing…..


I cant believe that after 4 months of making the most amazing memories in some of the most beautiful places with some of the best people, i am finally packing up my room at UL.


It is probably the most bittersweet thing ive ever had to do.

But, there is a silver lining to every storm cloud… and there are two to this one.


1. I CANT WAIT TO SEE MY FAMILY. My mother is literally counting down the hours and although id hate to admit it, i am too! I also realllllly miss my dogs :)


2. I have decided that i am going to go back to the states for the year to work and save money and then return to UL August of 2014 to get my masters in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  I am so excited.


I have 5 days left at UL and i plan to spend them with the people who mean the most me here… also, i turn 22 in 4 days.



Looking forward :)



Well, Its almost time

But what if i dont want to

Home, or Ireland?



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