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Home, Graduation, Birthday… oh my

Well in the past 4 days i have been through some major emotional rollercoasters.


I turned 22 on the 22nd (golden birthday)

Arrived back in the states on the 23rd

And Graduated from college on the 25th.


I said goodbye to some of my new bestfriends

and hello to some old ones.


I have found a job and begun making plans to move back to Ireland in a year and started saving money.


I miss that island more than anything…. but im happy to be home for now :)


Im in love with Ireland and the people ive met throughout my travels.


If anyone out there is questioning whether or not they should go abroad, be it “will it be worth it? Will i have fun? Will i really learn things? Will i make friends” or whatever it is holding you back…. do me a favor…. start a new tab on your internet browser, type in IFSA-Butler Study Abroad click on a place youd like to see and apply. I promise you… I PROMISE, you will not regret it.


It was the best experience of my life… and i will forever be in debt to the people and places that lent me their time, beauty and hearts.


Signing out from the States,


Karly Ziegler


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