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Classes have started…

…which means life is completely hectic here in Lima. I’m only taking the equivalent of 17 credits this semester, but it seems like a ton. There is mounds of outside work assigned each day, all of which are in Spanish of course.

I am taking a theology class and a linguistics class, in addition to the two mandatory classes that each IFSA-Butler student has to take. The two required classes are Advanced Spanish Grammar, which is basically a writing class, and Peruvian Social Reality. Peruvian Social Reality seems really interesting, and I am very excited for it. One component of this class is working with a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) for at least seven hours each week and completing a research project based on this work.

I have decided to work with an organization named Casa de Panchitas. This NGO works with domestic workers, or maids that work six days per week with one family. Casa de Panchitas provides a place for these women to go on Sundays, their day off. They also provide legal support, cooking lessons, recreational activities, and sexual education.

I am going to be working specifically with minors. There are many girls here that are working as maids as early as 13. Most of these girls have been forced by their parents to go and find work to support themselves and to help support the family. It is a really sad situation, but Casa de Panchitas tries to help the girls continue their education and know their rights as workers.

I will be working with these girls on Sundays; helping them with their homework (These girls go to night class and then work all day). I will also be helping the girls with self-confidence through song, dance, and acting. I am really excited to get started. My first day is on Sunday and I am sure that the girls will be more than welcoming.

It is a relief to finally get into a rhythm and get more settled in down here. Let the semester begin!


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