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A Brilliant Week Back

Wake up in a cave. Walk out to a beautiful sun slowly rising and illuminating the beach the first time for me. Watch the life awaken with the sun. Meditate. This was the start to my week and boy was I enjoying it.


Meet Amir for lunch in Clubs n Socs and going for a run through the Botanic Gardens capped my day off before I, for the first time in months, was asleep before 12AM.  As the week continued,  I was utilizing the Free Breakfast put on by the OUSA Support House and meditating often.


On Thursday, I went over with Otago Student Interfaith Group to visit the Dhargney Buddhist Centre and learn about Buddhism. The woman who spoke was very kind and her soft tone exuded a calming effect on many of us. The inter-faith experiences were not over quite yet. The following night I went to a Hare Krisna event.

Meeting Greg late at the event, I found out I did not miss out on much (my opinion) but 45 minutes of the 20-word Mantra. I am glad I stayed at the event as the mantra died down, I was presented with some intriguing thoughts from the visiting man. After that the mantra continued. Yes again. Only this time singing and dancing slowly accompanied the mantra. It was phenomenal to watch one particular man and woman take the stage before any Easterner. My spirit was filled with a positive energy. And also torn about going up. Finally, I did and I do not regret it at all. The dancing and chanting went on for over an hour and was phenomenal in so many ways. I spoke to the man following the event and was surprised by his attitude toward life and religion. He believed in the present. That is best way I know to describe it.

Friday was the Murder Mystery Dinner. But before in the morning, I played a series of chess games with Danny. It was great to see everyone from the program again. Also, the food was filling as always with IFSA-Butler. My first time with a Murder Mystery was good but I was not as involved as I would have liked to have been even with my fainting performance.

Then there was Rugby, a Red Card (will be explained shortly), and another wonderful experience at the Local Market Day.


The Rugby game was great. Alhambra Union won against University and my play was not too shabby. Also it was awesome to have people show up and watch.

Now this Red card thing. Well everyone in the flat has a card (red card as per mentioned) that they can pull out at any time throughout the semester. This card will make their flatmates drink and play games with them (themes occasionally). I participated in my first red card where Boy Bands was the theme. This turned out to be a beautiful opportunity to sell some cider and make some extra money. After wandering the streets and asking a random couple of girls to take a picture with me, kissing a stranger, and grabbing some nachos with my group, the night had just begun.


The following day was a library day. With a side excursion to the market day at the gym. Boy do I meet the most friendly of people at Market day. Now this does not mean it was not full of fun. Especially since I had spent it with some of my favorite people, Rita and Anna.




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