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Road Trip!!!!

I started the week off brilliantly. By that I mean I did not go to my only class for Monday. With my extra time I went for a shave and relaxing morning/afternoon. In the afternoon I went for a brilliant little tour of Dunedin. And much of it was with both feet off the ground as I ran from shop to shop. The tour was to serve a purpose, get more yeast for another batch of cider!

Furthermore, that night a simmering peanut satay lasting over 3 hours was preparing those beautiful butterfly steaks. The use of the steaks was overdue as it had been several weeks since their purchase. Inviting Anna, Rita, and Kuba the night was made and several laughs were sure to be had. J

The week proved to be fairly quiet workwise. I did have an enlightening idea suggested on a meeting with Ivan Martinez, a scholarship ambassador for Rotary. He put forth the idea of becoming a PA, working abroad and finally coming back to finish the M.D. and settle a bit more. This may be the leading program for me at the moment as I think about my future.

This calm week was to give rise to an amazing weekend trip to Mt. Cook! The phenomenal trip started in Queenstown where we (Cathy and I) were giving the Horizontal Bungy Competition another shot. The competition includes being hooked up to a bungy cord on a wall (in a bar) and running out to a bar maid who hands you a drink to bring back to your partner (girl) who is scantily clad. Here is what happened the first time:

So, going there to give it a shot and prepared to get naked meant we may win the darn thing. Unfortunately, we gave the Ice Bar a look and some sour lollies meant we missed the selection process. This was a real bummer and we were truly gutted. Luckily, the rest of the trip was a blast with plenty of adventure Greg captured in his sensational weekly GoPro Video.



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