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Moving Forward…

After a magnificent weekend trip to Queenstown, Wanaka, Mt. Cook, and more, it was back to Dunedin. This week would begin with the challenge of Living Below the Line and eating less than $2.25 worth a day. For me this meant Pasta, Rice, and maybe some indulging  in some sauces for these basic starches. Along with the challenge came some school work which would only make things more difficult. But for the beginning of the week, there was first a prescription for adventure.

After a walk to a brilliant Glow Worm Cave with Sian (Program Mom) and others, a few of us stayed behind to check out the area. It was about 9PM and this meant it was pitch black. We had our head torches but this did not make the trip less wet. Me, my Kmart shoes, and poor torch light struggled for 5 min before accepting the fact that we would be wet, very wet. Nevertheless after stepping over branches and breaking several trees we decided to head back.
Now, I could’ve sworn I saw a sign for a waterfall and sure enough, on the way back, Zach saw it. With no need for persuasion, I went ahead with Zach and brought Greg along with some peer pressure.
We got to a brilliant little cove where a 10 meter waterfall send water shooting into a small pool. What was even more gorgeous was the small patch of sky we could see through the overhanging trees that stood around us. This made for a spectacular viewing of the glow worms speckling the walls of the cove. The following day was when things started to get interesting. Whether it was related or not but the challenges of Living Below the Line and completing my Improv essay both hit a wall. Luckily there were plenty of things keeping my mind off food and on pleasant things. For example, lunch at Greg’s home, bottling, meeting famous Brad Thorn at a Christian event.

Thursday afternoon you could see me bored by the current Philosophy lecturer. The day was particularly uneventful to be completely honest. Luckily Friday saw the release of a decent amount of stress in the completion of the essay and beginning of the weekend. Danny I started another batch and my gang (Rita, Kuba, Anna) played a sweet little drinking game at the Cook with several pitchers.

Saturday brought with it a whole ‘nother adventure in a Sunrise Hike to Mt. Cargill. 5:30AM. Zach, Ben, Hailey, Me, and Tyler packed Spartacus (Zach’s car). Going up Mt. Cargill was not especially difficult as much as it was muddy. Then at the top Zach was teased by his aspirations for reaching the top of a radio tower! Well, this was to be the morning. No one else wanted to join as we threw his heavy blanket over the barbed fence and began the upward ascent of 30+ meters. Timed perfectly, we had 10 min or so before the sunrise. Putting Zach’s concern for trouble aside with a simple ignorance plea in the event of a situation meant we could make the most of the sunrise at the top of that moving radio tower.

With a beautiful sunrise under our belts, the day was meant to be a great one. We made our way to the Organ Pipes with great conversation decorating the air between us. Littering the air with my desire to be an airbender only exemplifies the spirit that New Zealand has left me with.

Even better was the afternoon cooking session with Zach and Ben and the amount of food we demolished. The afternoon was a wonderfully lazy one with plenty of skype and gave me the rest I needed for a night out on the town. However, I had been getting sick of town and this was one of the more blunt reminders.

Anywho, the next day was a brilliant one as I learned about Hungarian and Polish politics over the Cook’s marvelously frugal $2 Burger n Chips Sunday deal. The beers that accompanied the food made for a nice short Sunday Lib Session since we got there around 5. Even better was the movie session we had in our living room later that night. Definitely one of my favorite vibes of the semester as everyone huddled around Hercules.


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