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Weekend Getaway

Tonight, a group of us are heading out of the city to Huaraz, Peru.  Huaraz is about 8 hours northeast of Lima by bus.  It is in the ANDES mountains and we will be doing some hiking and taking in all the amazing views.  I hope to return with lots of beautiful pictures.  We are staying at an inn which is actually situated in the mountains.

This was our second week of classes.  Monday, all the internantional students finally registered and I am officially taking Peru in Modern Times and Gender and Politics.  I am happy finally be enrolled in my classes, even though it meant waking up at 5 am to be at PUCP by 7.  Commuting to and from PUCP is still a chore, but I am getting used to the system.  Combis can be a very stressful mode of transportation, but they are cheap, can get you anywhere you need to go, and are always there when you need them.  Missed your combi?  Just lift your pinky finger and 10 more will stop to pick you up.  I also got the chance to ride the brand new Metropolitano bus which goes along the via expresa.  They are very nice and are a calmer alternative to combis.  They also remind me of taking the El in Chicago, which is a comfort.

My home and host mom are still wonderful.  We live on the middle floor of a 3 flat.  My room used to belong to her daugther and is the same color as my room at home.  I live in a district called Miraflores, one of Lima’s 43 districts.  It is a very nice place with lots to offer and most of the IFSA students live here.  There are many shops, parks, resturants, discotecas, movie theaters… anything you could ever need.  My host mom and I are getting along very well.  She is very talkative and caring.

As for the grey skies in Lima… I am getting used to them.  It makes me appreciate the little sun we get that much more.  Yesterday, we were able to sit outside and enjoy the sun while eating lunch on campus.  Hopefully, as we get closer to spring and summer, the sunshine will become more frequent.  I certainly look forward to it.

I will be sure to post video and pictures from the trip to the mountains soon!



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