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Thank you.

Firstly, thank you! Thank you for reading my posts about my experiences in Egypt, for sharing my random impressions, and enduring the spinning whirlwind of inchoate thoughts I wrote down as I tried to work them through. I also want to thank my wonderful family whose sound sleeping I’ve compromised over the past 5 months. I of course want to acknowledge the friends and professors at TAFL and IFSA whose expertise and kindness made the last semester so worthwhile, thank you. Looking forward to seeing my friends and family again in the States come August!

I’ve delayed writing this post, not because I haven’t had the time—I’ve had the time—but because I haven’t had the words. (As you’ll read soon, I still do not.) Egypt has been great but not in the typical meaning of the word. Egypt was a lot of laughs, a lot of frustration, of stepping back just to breathe. I meet so many people; people who opened my eyes to Egypt, the Middle East, America, and the world. We questioned media, education, religion, society, and the interplay of all of the former and more. Nevertheless ours, mine, was a unique experience. While it was my Egyptian experience, it was not the average Egyptian experience. That would have been still harder, still more frustrating, have been punctuated with still more laughter. I have so many questions, as I should. I wish I could bottle up my experience for all its expansiveness and minuteness and drop it on the sleeping eyes of the world because what we cast our gazes on through the news, and the politics, and the religious extremism of foreign and domestic sources is merely one snap shot, not the full panorama of Egypt. It is one perspective, one view of thousands of millions, and to mistake it for a complete story, to take it for anything more than a snapshot, perhaps informative, true, and honest, is to silence the true vocal depth outside of the frame.

اللي يشرب من ماء النيل لازم يرجع لمصر تاني (those who drink from the Nile will return to Egypt again)


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