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Two Weeks of Crazy Adventure

Studying abroad at University of Auckland has been great so far. I am not fond of large classrooms and big lecture theaters but hey, the course load is lower than that at my home university. It is also because it is finals that are really intense and so students can relax and take it easy till then. Besides studying and academics part, I have been able to socialize with so many people from all over the world. There are students who have come here for exchange from all over.
I decided to do something extra crazy while I am here, so I got dreadlocks the day before. One of my friends has amazing dreads and he along with other friends helped me get it. My hair looks so different now and I get unusual attention everywhere I go. I was walking on the streets yesterday and some guys outside a bar asked if I had some smoke. I laughed out and said I didn’t.

I am excited for the best part of studying in New Zealand: traveling during the two week mid-semester break. In a few hours, I am heading to South Island for two weeks. South Island of New Zealand has pristine landscapes, yes you’ve seen it in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Cameroon’s Avatar. I always wanted to travel independently in a foreign country and that wish has come to reality. I planned so that I will be touring the South Island on my own for two weeks. I am ready for this adventure to begin. I will update you all on this after I come back. Wish me good luck for a crazy adventure!

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