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Finals and Reality

This past week was quite a hectic week for most of the Santiago IFSA students! Why? Finals started. It seemed a little bit¬†sacrilegious to have finals at the end of June, but hey at least it’s winter here so I wasn’t distracted by¬†sun and heat. Suddenly, our classes were ending and we were all learning the reality of group projects and finals in another culture and language.

My soccer class ending was probably the saddest part of all of this. I’ve gotten rather attached to my soccer class and always looked forward to going as a break and a chance to see my Chilean friends. Luckily, we have numerous good-byes planned together, so that won’t be the last time I see them.

Aside from that, we’ve gone through various phases of classes ending. Some classes ending have been cause for celebration, others have been a bit more difficult, others haven’t seemed real. We finished our last Spanish class with a party and then the professor said goodbye and we headed out. It was hard to believe that was the last.

We all end our classes at different times, but I finish on Monday, and I think that it’ll begin to seem a bit more real how little time I have left when my academic portion of the semester is finished. I’m looking forward to having some time to explore Santiago, but not to the end of the semester that the end of finals is signaling. There’s still so much more that I want to make sure to do before I head out, luckily, I have a bit of time.

Today, my host mom and I spent the day baking. While I was enjoying the quality time (and large amount of sugar we produced), it hit me that this is one of my last weekends in Santiago, one of my last chances to do things like this with my host family.

This isn’t the end, it’s time to enjoy my remaining time here instead of counting down the days.


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