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La Rural

Once a year here, they celebrate all things rural in the middle of one of the world’s biggest cities.

At the end of July, La Exposición Rural took over part of the Palermo neighborhood yet again, and at my host mom’s recommendation, I went with two friends on a Saturday to see the massive open-air exposition for myself.

After shuffling with huge crowds between wine tastings, salami stands and chicken cages we found the car obstacle courses.

As you can see in the video, they were a highlight. There were actually several obstacle courses, set up by competing car companies to show you just how well their cars handle. Test drivers will drive you through the courses for free (as long as you sign a waiver), bragging about the car you’re in as they stick their heads out the window to see the obstacles underneath them.

The end of the video shows an official event that seemed to be just a cow parade. Thousands of people paid for a chance to sit inside the parade arena, and after leaving the Rural we saw the parade being broadcast live from the restaurant we ate in.

La Rural was bizarre, overwhelming, and as I hope the video shows, a pretty sweet way to spend part of a Saturday.

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