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The Final Weeks

I suppose my last entry said it all. I finally started doing and I did it quick.

After my last entry, my main form of reflection came in the form of a black leather-bound notebook which soon became one of my most prized possessions. Was it a diary? Yes, I you could say it was a diary. I’m not as sensitive to that anymore because it really is. This little book held everything and when I mean everything, I mean sometimes it actually held a lot in between the very messy pages. Sometimes I wished I wrote neater because I know my future self is going to look at the child -like writing and think, “Well there’s some child-like writing.” Anyway, the notebook, it held everything, blah blah blah. The truth is, it held lists, numbers, languages, stories, thoughts, and a whole lot of fears. I realized that the reason why I’ve avoided this blog, the reason why sometimes I avoided writing in my notebook, was a fear of starting it all. I loved my notebook because it went with my on top of mountains, in the Salt Plains, horseback riding at sunset in the mountains by a glacier–it went with my everywhere which meant I could scribble my thoughts with as much detail and with however much time I wanted. But sometimes I got irrationally scared sitting down to write this blog; not just because I thought I would download the pictures wrong after reading the directions so many times over and over and over again, but because I thought, maybe I wouldn’t get the story straight, maybe I’ll recreate my past wrong and by doing so, I’ll have an idea of my past that’s all wrong. Or maybe, I thought, avoiding this blog would be easier than having to sum it all, put my experiences in a box for those bored enough to read about it. And frankly, it was easier to put it off and keep living the life I lived.

But I not realize how silly it was. I got my reflection-fix from my little black notebook, but the best part about this blog are the pictures that go with it.

So now, ladies and gentleman, the abridged lowlight series of the rest of my time in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

1) Arrived in Buenos Aires


2) Visited all the neighborhoods


3) Learned to Tango


4) Biked in Tigre


5) Met a pretty great guy

6) Went to the Teatro Colon/MALBA/ all that jazz

7) Went to Mendoza

Mendoza vineyard

8) Mountains: Aconcagua


9) Paragliding


10) Played hacky sac in the airport and fell in love with a 9 year old

11) Hiked on a glacier in Patagonia


12) Perfect weekend in Calafate


10) Colonia Uruguay

Colonia view

11) Skinny dipping

12) Met a Brazilian couple and changed their perspective on Americans

13) Secret dates with a 84 year old man who thought he spoke Japanese and Rosita


14) Experience family tragedies abroad

15) 21rst birthday apart from my twin

16) Full moon party at the Planetario

17) Puerto Madero/Ecologia

18) Met a friend from her past in the same program–met her crazy friends on a Monday night

19) More touristy stuff

20) Made the first move

21) A lot of good, random conversations

22) Met my uncle in a kisoko on the corner of street in Buenos Aires

23) Met his nephew and friends

24) Salta, Tilcara, Purmamarca, Salt Plains

Salta Salt Plains llama

25) Cancelled trip to Iguazu

26) Returned to the United States to be picked up from the Airport and taken straight to a Wedding to sing in the ceremony

27) Got a fever, infection, and biopsy but now am doing just great.

28) Acclimated to openly speaking English

29) Surprise visit from my friend from India

30) Enjoying America again only slightly terrified to return to my old life as a new person.

But I have hope that living without these fears will make following my future dreams and starting my next adventures so much easier, and so much more worth while.

Thank you and goodnight.


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