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Mountains in the Mist

Hello to all reading this, whether you’re someone considering going abroad, a returnee from travels, or none of the above.  Right now we’re strangers, but if you read my ramblings, you can get to know who I am and what I’m doing.  And if I hear from you, maybe I can get to know you back.

I write this entry four days before my departure to study abroad in New Zealand.  What an adventure it has been just preparing for this time.  Between finishing up involvements in the US, figuring out logistics, and saying the final farewells, I’ve had little time to dream of the coming months.  I’m enjoying the extra three weeks of Christmas break afforded by the University’s late starting date (March 2!).  My time being with friends and brothers here in the U.S. has been rich.  I’ve been well sent off, with plenty of advice, prayer, and affirmations that my relationships here will be missed.  One of the notable sendoffs from one of my brothers was that we never go anywhere without a great purpose.  This purpose of studying in New Zealand will be fellowship – through both the quiet conversations and the wild adventures.

Of all the illustrations I could use to describe to you my current condition, I think the best would be the minute just before watching a celebrated movie or meeting an hyped-up person for the first time or unveiling a long-awaited spectacle.  Although I’ve heard the accounts of many others’ experiences, I have yet to know for myself.  And although my anticipation is piqued, it really is colorless, for I have no idea what I’m really in for.  The people, places, and pursuits that lie ahead of me are still like mountains in the mist.  But I am beyond excitement to see and understand more as I get closer.  Only four days until I begin to actualize the content of those three metaphors (LOTR, anyone?).

I’ll write again from my final destination in Dunedin, New Zealand.  Between now and then: a thirteen-hour flight, orientation on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, and a multitude of other explorations.


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