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The Week of Rachel

In one week I will be leaving Albany airport for a semester in Valparaíso, Chile, and good gracious am I excited. Ever since I decided on this program last October, I’ve been reading blogs and travel sites, and looking at tons of pictures of Chile which from what I can see is an incredibly, breathtakingly, beautiful country, and getting more and more excited by the day. I’m already a little in love with Chile, and I spend a good amount of my time day dreaming about hiking through Patagonia, swimming in the ocean, speaking Spanish all the time, and moving back after college to meet a nice Chilean boy and raise little soccer playing Chileano children. I know, I’m a little ahead of myself.

But I won’t spend this whole post telling you about my expectations about Chile because they’re probably mostly wrong and they don’t come with pictures so where’s the fun in that. Instead, I want to talk about my last week in Clifton Park, NY which I have narcissistically called “the week of Rachel.” The last two years of college have taught me to always love the place I’m in and not spend my time wishing I were somewhere else, so even though I’m beyond excited to be in Chile, I’m happy that I have this next week at home with my family and friends. Honestly, upstate New York is awesome, and my family and my friends are even more awesome. I know the hardest part about being in Chile will be leaving everyone from back home and missing out on time with them. If ya’ll are reading this, this is your shout out!

So here are my plans for the Week of Rachel, and lets start with the fun stuff: Some hiking and cliff jumping in the Adirondacks, hopefully some beach time at Lake George, game night with my friends, picnic with my church, a trip to the drive-ins to see some potentially terrible movies, and many many lunches at Moe’s Southwestern Grill. Seriously, if you have never been to Moe’s you need to make it a priority. I’m a little addicted.

And the less fun, but necessary stuff: packing, cleaning my room, picking my Visa up from NYC (kill me now), and preparing physically to leave my beloved summer behind and start winter all over again, only hopefully a much brighter and less bone-chilling winter than it would be here. I’m planning on packing everything up much earlier than 3am the night before I leave, but I can’t really think of another time in my life where that has happened. It is going to take some serious effort to pack lightly as the program suggested, but it will be good practice since I plan on doing a lot of traveling in the future.

All in all, I am just ecstatic to be going to Chile and I can’t believe it is only a week away. I’ve wanted to go to South America and speak Spanish for basically my entire life and I am so thankful for the opportunity to actually do it. I’m sorry if this post was a little boring; I promise in a week my life is going to get much more interesting. You can expect plenty of pictures, videos, and stories from my adventures in the posts to come, but for now I am just soaking up the summer and I hope you are too.

¡ Adios!


I love picture so here you go:

On the left is my awesome family, and on the right is the view from a mountain in the Adirondacks. It’s a beautiful state!


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