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Is it really time?

As I sit here finishing up packing and reassuring myself that I have everything, I find myself wondering if the date on the calendar is correct.  It is hard to believe that the time has finally come for me to leave for Scotland for the semester.  It seems that it was just yesterday that I was sending in my Butler application, receiving my acceptance, saying goodbye to my friends for the summer.  The past seven months, time has simply flown by, and I hope that the next four months do the exact opposite.

Although originally I am from Colorado, I have only been home for roughly three weeks the past year and it’s hard to believe that it will be another four months before I see those Rocky Mountains again.  My time has been spent in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Thailand, and China.  It feels as though life has become one big cycle of packing, flying, unpacking, traveling, picture taking, repacking, driving, traveling, unpacking, working, repacking, traveling…. well, you get the picture.  And yet, as I reflect on the whirlwind that is the past year and the uncharted months to come, I could not be happier.  I have spend the last week back at school (Lafayette), and have seen all of my friends and somewhat gotten back into the groove of college life, despite not having any classes or a room to call my own, and although I am sad to be leaving the campus, lifestyle and people I love, I could not be more excited to begin a truly unique and exciting chapter of my life.

In many ways I already know first hand what it will be like to study abroad, having followed the adventures of four of my closest friends as well as my girlfriend last spring.  I was even lucky enough to travel to Europe for two weeks at the end of the school year to visit them and wet my appetite  for my own experience in a few months.  I picked up a few packing, lifestyle and travel tips as well as got a sense of some of the “college-age hot spots” of Europe.  I am looking forward to enjoying many of the same things and places they were able to experience with another of my best friends, Will Stern, as well as make my own mark across the continent.

However, of course studying abroad is not all about traveling every weekend and partying till dawn every night, though I do still plan on doing my fair share…  The main purpose of studying abroad is to do just that: STUDY abroad.  Though, as I said, I am thrilled to travel, meet new people, and try new foods, I am equally as excited for the studying part (and no, I am not saying this just because I was told to).  The academic curriculum that I will be following is really the reason for my study abroad program selection, ie University of Glasgow.  I will be taking a course called Functional Pre-Med Anatomy, a course which caters toward US Pre-Med students and gives them an opportunity to learn the basics of human anatomy through the study of actual human specimens.  Well, now that is just too good to be true and something that an at times overzealous future medical school applicant such as myself simply could not pass up.  Along with the Functional Anatomy course I will be taking Microbiology and Scottish Literature, a course to count towards my English major. (Pre-Med. English. Crazy, I know.)

Well, there you have it.  A little about me, the fun-loving intellectual and self-proclaimed travel guru, and a little about what my life the next few months will consist of.  I can’t wait to share my experiences with, as well as create a narrative for myself to look back and reflect on many years to come.

Next stop, Edinburgh, Scotland!


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