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5 Days till take off

Well, the time is officially here. Finals are over and I find myself steadily approaching my departure from Peru. It’s hard to believe that only 5 months ago I was stepping off a plane, having forgotten a lot of my Spanish and trying to figure out what I was going to do. The truth is that I have both loved Peru and hated it. My relationship with this experience has been a tumultuous one from being stressed about school work, to just not liking the people in the city. But all in all this has been an incredible experience for me. Now the thought of packing and going home scares me as much as when I first arrived here, which is a strange feeling. But I guess it is normal to fear leaving the things you have become accustomed to. All that’s left for me now is to walk around the city and pack. There’s not much else to say, all that is really left is to say that for all of the bad times and good times here, I will miss you Peru.

The next blog entry will, unfortunately, be the last and will take place after I have been home for a week or so. Please look forward to that.


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