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Brief Introduction

Hi there,

I had a lot of things to deal with this summer that I hadn’t considered when I decided to study abroad.

My lease expired on the 15th of August and with almost 4 weeks before my departure date I had to find a place to live. I have one semester left here in Wisconsin after I get back, so I also had to find a place to stay for that last semester. Luckily for me, one of my friends had just graduated and moved in to a lovely new apartment, and he has offered to put me up until I leave and again after I get back.

I’m also applying to graduate schools for the fall of 2011. That means I have to do all sorts of things for the applications that people normally do in September or October. I registered for the GRE, started asking for letters of recommendation, and began getting all the other paperwork together to submit the applications while I’m in Egypt.

I also have to worry about financial aid. The university doesn’t dispense its aid package until the 9th, which is the same day we are leaving. I have to leave paperwork with a friend in Madison so that he can deposit my checks for me while I’m away.

Those are the most important things I’ve had to think about. But I’ve also had minor random things to deal with. I needed to get a laptop. I bought a camera, and some new clothes and linens and other supplies.

That’s all for now. The next video I post will be from JFK, just before I leave on September 9


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