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Smile because it happened

I am back in the United States and it is quite strange! It was so difficult to say so long to my friends but I would rather say good bye than to have never met them. My beautiful roommate, who became more like a sister, traveled with me from Wollongong to the Sydney airport. The amount of love I have given and received this semester is incredible. I will always think of Wollongong as a second home.


almost everybody Therese and me img_1821


The plane rides were not a pleasant experience but they showed me that I am quite capable. I had to take three flights to make it home and ran into some complications. The first flight, from Sydney to California, was delayed a bit which made the transition to my connecting flight more stressful. However, the 13.5 hour plane ride itself was not bad. I was on a Quantas flight and was well taken care of. They give you food very frequently, blankets, a pillow, turn out the lights for a portion of the flight so you can sleep, and there is a sweet movie selection. You just have to make sure to stand up and walk around a few times when on the plane. If you do not, your legs swell up and it is quite uncomfortable.  After the first flight, I ran to my connecting flight’s terminal and arrived when they started boarding the plane. I made it! That plane took me from California to Texas. When I arrived in Texas, I found my final flight was cancelled and the next possible one I could take would be 11 hours later…. I was feeling sad since I had to leave Australia and just wanted to get home. I cried in the airport. There were people who were really nice and tried to help me but they could not really do anything. I finally worked out a plan with my family concerning which flight I was going to catch despite my phone continually turning off on me. I ended up grabbing some dinner, doing some stuff on my laptop, and sleeping in one of the terminals. The next morning I successfully caught my plane and made it to Baltimore where my family picked me up. It was so nice to hug my family again! My luggage was in another airport, so we drove there and luckily found it.


Once home, it was really nice to see all my neighbors and my cat again. I am still in the process of meeting with my friends and distributing souvenirs. I realized some of the differences from Australia are:

–          Coins are smaller here and weigh less

–          McDonalds is cheaper here!

–          We drive on the other side of the road (Crossing streets is strange for me now)

–          We do not have to hit buttons to cross a street

–          We do not have two options to flush a toilet and we really should


Life is good and I am so happy I went to Australia. Everyone keeps asking me if I am going back and I sincerely hope so. In the meantime, technology offers various forms of staying in contact! I have already skyped a few times and chatted over facebook. The time differences are annoying but we are making it work!

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you found it informative, helpful, etc. I wish you the best of luck and if you are studying abroad, be EXCITED!!! It is going to be a unique experience and you will learn more about the world and about yourself. Go get ‘em!



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