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Antes de Salir

In 42 days I will take a six hour soar (economy style) from Kansas City, Missouri, to Liberia, Costa Rica. YIKES! It is impossible to escape the kaleidoscope of apprehension, exhilaration, uncertainty, and disbelief wrestling inside me. How am I going to cope with biology classes taught entirely in Spanish? What if my host family thinks that I am strange? Am I really prepared to uproot myself from my friends, family, stability, and jump headfirst into another country, another culture, another life?! Well, the answers, whatever they may be, do not really matter. I’m going!

Thankfully, my pre-departure/pre-study abroad checklist is steadily shrinking. Believe me, it was long.

Let us look at it from the top:

I chose the Universidad Nacional in Heredia, Costa Rica, for an academic year, through IFSA-Butler. Next…

Well, maybe a mountain is a little dramatic. Between advising appointments, budget worksheets, collecting signatures, and watching orientation modules, there was a lot to do. Even now, I am still filling out last minute itineraries.  Personally, getting a passport photograph was the most difficult part. It took me three day, four trips, and a brief crying spell. I learned a lot from the experience though. If you need passport photos, go to Wal-Mart! It only cost me $10, which is a bargain in comparison with the $60 it was going to cost me at the post office.

This is my passport photo, taken at Wally World. Hawt, right?

Now, here I am with 42 days and a knot in my stomach. Costa Rica, estoy lista!


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