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First Class

I had my first class today! It was Business Finance. The professor seems to be very good and it is my only class for the day so it shouldn’t be too bad. After my class I met one of my program advisors for a catch-up lunch and then caught a movie with some friends.

Overall I feel very comfortable here. I find it extremely easy to just fall into place in town and get a routine going. My friends and I take the bus for free into town and then come back to Totara (my¬†accommodation) and watch movies in the common room with some of our new Kiwi friends. Yesterday, since I had no class, my friend and I went to the public library. It was such a cute and cozy place but huge at the same time. Today I got the opportunity to check out some books and can’t wait to begin the search for a book to do my review on for my Endangered Cultures class.

A few nights ago I got to experience a bar atmosphere for the first time. It was a very successful visit. I went with a large group of friends; we danced, played pool and spent the whole night smiling. I can’t wait to go out with them all again.

So far, it’s been a VERY successful trip.


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