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Just A Bit

So, I am coming down with a bit of a cold which is a bummer but it is different than a cold from the states, if that’s possible. It is a much more mellow and discrete cold, which is nice. However I had just decided to audition for the Massey Uni performance of RENT and have to sing as part of my audition. D: uh-oh. I am trying to stay as relaxed as possible to help me get healthier faster! Fingers crossed.

Today I only had one class and it seems to be a very exciting class. Its title is Endangered Cultures and although it is a three hours class every friday, only ¬†one of those hours is lecture. The rest is filled by a variety of documentaries; I’d call that a win! I am going to head into town soon with some friends and just do some wondering and run some errands. Later tonight there is a pool party, free of charge and free food, for the¬†accommodation residence. Sweet As! My night will be full of socialising as I will also be attending the first MUDS (Massey Uni. Drama Society) meeting to see what other performances I may be able to do while I’m here.

I have also been approved to help volunteer with the local Rugby team, the Manawatu Turbos. I am so excited!

Should be a good weekend to finish off my great first week.


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