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First Off-Roding Experience in Weymouth

A week after I arrived, a few others and I were in Weymouth, a city on the Southeast Coast of England. One day we decided to go off-Roding. To those of you who don’t know what this is, you basically get a land rover and drive it on trails that test it’s limits and see how well it can drive through mud, sand, water, sand, and etc.; basically trails that any car shouldn’t really go on unless you’re willing to let the car take a beating. A taste for adventure is key before going off-Roding as well. At the start of the day, the first trail we went on was right on the beach. Being that it was the first time I saw England’s Seaside, all I wanted to do was stop the group and just sit on the beach and take in the sight. Being the only girl this wouldn’t have gone over too smoothly, so we started driving. The first trail was really easy so my first thought of off-Roding was that it wasn’t too extreme, Not at all actually. Of course, this was before I knew what was to lie ahead of us. We worked our way up the hills, finding different trails on our way. The higher we climbed in the hills, the thicker the frost became on the trees and more fog formed. Again, I was taken back by the beautiful views of Weymouth’s countryside. Soon enough, we were at the next trail. This trail looked like it was right from a scene of Jurassic Park. It was dark with these huge trees and vines that hung down on the trail that was basically mud. There was a wall of rock on each side of us as well. The trail was almost impossible to drive on but we decided to try it anyway. At the start it was very bumpy and really fun. We approached this rock which was impossible to drive over so we got out and moved it ourselves so we could keep driving, not thinking about the huge likelihood that more rocks like it would lie ahead. As we continued forward, the walls of rock seemed to be closing in on us as the mud and rocks got bigger. It was loads of fun, until we got stuck. I think we all saw it coming with the looks of the trail from the very beginning. After getting completely muddy in our efforts to get the Land Rover unstuck, we achieved our goal and unanimously decided that the Land Rover was in dyer need of a wash and to call it a day. This day was very exciting and I am just overjoyed that I lived through it! I would happily do it again while I’m studying in Wales.


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