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Blending In

I kept seeing people out and about that I thought I knew, from the states. It would take a bit for reality to smack me and I would realize that wasn’t possible! I think it’s because I feel so at home here that I don’t realize that it isn’t Oregon.

Last night a few of us went to this little place called Cafe Cuba. It is known for their AMAZING desserts, it definitely held its reputation! Our group had a great time just chatting since it had been a while since we had all hung out together.

Today I have an interview with a program called AIESEC. I am very excited about this opportunity and hope to become more deeply involved! It is a student run organisation that provides internship, international and all around learning experiences. I’m hoping this will open many doors to me and help me with my future decisions. Along with AIESEC, I have set up an appointment with a career advisor here at Massey and hope they can help me discover even more opportunities here.

My illness is in its last days and I can not wait to get back to normal life again!

p.s. Sadly the RENT show was cancelled :(


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