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Sunny Friday

Today I get to take my friend Maddy to go get her nose pierced! I think I may be more excited than she is, is that weird? Anyways, I am done with classes for the day and have some nice relaxing in town plans for the rest of it. Later this evening many people from the halls are going ice skating! I haven’t been ice skating in forever and I am very excited to go.

I was accepted into AIESEC and can not wait to start getting really involved. First I have an induction ceremony and some training but after that I am a true member! YAY!

As for traveling I have booked my ticket to Auckland for a few days during my mid semester break. I am sad that my friendships got split up so quickly and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. For the second half of my break, a friend and I are going to be taking a scenic train ride. We are not sure yet where we will be heading but that is half the fun.


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