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Pre-departure Experience to Buenos Aires

Well, finally days after my arrival I have had time to reflect on my pre-departure. I have written much later than expected, but it gives an idea that that is exactly how hectic it was before my departure. Leaving for Argentina seemed so surreal even though I knew it was around the corner. In reality it didn’t really hit me until 2 days before my departure. I recall being out with my boyfriend late a night for a walk and talking about studying abroad when I saw an airplane flying over us. It hit me, I would be flying for ten hours straight in two days exactly. The lack of emotion for my study abroad experience throughout the summer finally hit me, all at once; at that very moment. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was more than excited to study abroad but it seemed too surreal. I had to be in Argentina to realize I was in Argentina and that night I was excited, anxious, afraid, sad, and angry all at once. I was excited and anxious for the experience waiting for me, but then I knew it meant my hours were being counted down. I had less than 48 hours to pack, have fun and memorable moments with my loved ones, make sure all paperwork is in order, and all the small details one can possibly imagine. I was frightened. I was angry because I had not realized how fast time flew by and questioned whether I made the best of it with my loved ones. It was bitter sweet I wanted to explore, but the timing seemed too soon. So for the next following hours I made sure I had all in place, but most of all I made sure I spent quality family time.

The goodbye was tough. Even when I leave for college it is tough. I am very close to my loved ones and can’t bear to see them sad especially my three year old angel, my sister. So to not upset my parents even more, I smile and speak of my excitement;while withholding all other emotions. I said goodbye to my boyfriend and sister prior to heading to the airport with a strong hug, appreciating every second. Once at the airport my dad said goodbye first, followed by my brother, and because I know that I always want to hold on to my mom’s and sister’s hug the longest, I hug them last. My mom always breaks my heart. She smiles, but I know it is a forced smile. We our goodbyes and I begin to walk away, thankfully because I needed to breath as a tear rolled down my cheek. To my luck, my dad calls out to me. He wants to take a picture of me leaving with my smile, but that smile was the toughest smile I have ever had to force for any goodbye.


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