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Last weekend I went to my first Irish Pub! It was very exciting. My friends and I watched the Chiefs vs. Crusaders rugby game and had some drinks. We were joined at the table with a birthday boy and his friends/family. The evening proved very interesting. After the game a group of us went to a bar called Shooters. We sat and talked then danced and laughed, a successful night if you ask me.

Monday was a very relaxed day. I watched some TV and finished a book I got at the public library a few days ago. I just finished my only class for the day and will be heading into town with some friends for a library visit and Despicable Me 2! Like always, it is a pretty relaxing day. :)

My visit to Wellington and Auckland are getting closer and closer and I can not wait to see all my friends that I had to leave so abruptly. I miss you guys!


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