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I´m getting this post out a little late; Actual today is much later than the ¨today¨ below. Oh well.  Enjoy anyway!


Today marks the second week of classes, a benchmark for sure. All of the IFSA crew has survived a week in school. None of us have failed (yet,) which I see as a major achievement. Never mind that the first week of classes is spent solely and agonizingly on the syllabus.

So, here is the scoop on classes:

Each exchange student is allowed to take 4-6 classes or 15-18 credit hours. We started registering a week before class started with the help of José, the intercambio advisor, and some friendly Ticos. There are three IFSA sponsored courses: Advanced Spanish, which is required, Costa Rican Ecological Wealth, and Social History of Costa Rica. Between the latter two we had to pick at least one. The majority of us opted to take all three of the IFSA classes. I can´t speak for the others, but I chose to do this because these classes will probably be easier. They are catered to us “gringos” and, therefore, will have professors that understand our Gringo Lingo. Moving on…

The first week of classes we are allowed to add or subtract classes as we see fit. If we needed to change classes, we could go talk to Jose. Monday morning, the Advisor Office looked like a Gringo cage. All of us had come to see Jose with various queries. Actually, none of us knew where or at what time our first class was. Our official schedules lacked these important details. I don´t blame Jose at all if he resents us. At one point, 5 of us were trying to squeeze into his miniscule cubicle at one time. Poor fellow.

As for the classes themselves, the majority only meet once a week. Class generally lasts at least two hours. Our Social History class is scheduled for four hours, though the professor told us that the class would only last for three. As of yet, I don´t know how classes generally function. Without fail, every class was spent going over the syllabus. Interestingly (actually, incredibly uninterestingly) it took the entire class period to go over the syllabus. Two hours or more we spent reading rules, the grading system, and the calendar. The silver lining? No homework, of course!

Check out my schedule: My weekends start on Thursday!!!




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